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 Mars-Clock App - Available for the iPhone and Apple Watch on the App Store

Mars-Clock is a timekeeping utility for three active NASA Mars missions:
-MER-B Opportunity Rover
-MLS Curiosity Rover
-InSight Lander -- En route to Mars; arrives Nov 26, 2018

Mars-Clock displays accurate, real-time NASA Mars mission data making it a fun, informative, useful, and educational tool. Information for each Mars Mission is displayed in a simple, easy-to-read format.
Features include:

-Mission Sol: Elapsed time of each mission in Sols (analogous to an Earth day)
-LMST: Local Mean Solar Time (used for mission time)
-Sunrise/sunset times for each mission
-LTST: Local True Solar Time. The time, used in some science applications, that is derived from solar noon.
-MTC: Coordinated Mars Time — Analogous to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) on Earth
-Earth-Mars distance: Real-time readout in miles or kilometers
-Radio signal delay between Earth and Mars
-A "countdown to landing" display while the InSight Lander is en route to Mars

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