The Timer iPhone App

The-Timer is a utility countdown timer plus dual-timezone clocks.

It uses a simple, but highly customizable design that is easy to setup for a wide variety of timing applications; from timing a two-minute egg, to timing a repetitive high-intensity workout.

The Timer is a utility that you will go back to time and time again.

Basic Features:

-Countdown timer up to 99 minutes-Up to three customizable alerts while the timer is running

-A choice of seven alert types

-Repetition counter

-Up to 12 timing setups can be saved for future use or use as templates

-Includes a set of seven examples that demonstrate various features of the app

-Customizable foreground and background colors

-Customizable clock display

-Optional Local Time/UTC only display

-No complicated setup

-No Ads…ever

-No Data Collection…ever